The Setting of Notimporton Mall

Welcome to Notimporton, a suburban town on the outskirts of Manchester, England. There is almost nothing remarkable about Notimporton; it's one of those towns that tries a bit too hard to be proud of itself when it's got nothing to be really proud of, as the local hat museum shows. There isn't much in the centre of town except the mall, the hat museum and a grotty cinema. The mall itself is a drab 60s building more or less resembling a giant breeze block from the outside.

Inside, things are a little more appealing; the interior has been remodeled twice recently (the second time after a burning car hurtled through the glass ceiling in 2005 as part of a suspected terrorism incident). It's not exactly classy, but it looks comfortable enough. The designer of the earlier remodeling (circa 1990) even won an award for the controversial glass-floored area of the second floor, though the honour was besmirched somewhat when a gang of yobs broke two of the panels, showering glass on shoppers below.

All in all, it's a quiet little place. The emergence of a horde of zombies in the mall's corridors was almost completely unexpected...

Notimporton Mall

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