The Invitation

We of Great Notimporton Chamber of Commerce, hereby invite you, as a cartoonist, to let your comic and characters partake in the great Halloween Cameo Caper of 2008!
Following up on the adventures and ensuring parties from the events of 2006 and 2007, having take place such faraway places as Shelterville in the old Wild West, and Disneyland orbiting the planet of Dahk-Tuin in the future, we will this time hold the party in… Great Notimporton Mall!
Located near Manchester UK, the Mall is a great place to hang out, meet new and interesting friends perhaps from other places and comics, do some shopping… there’s just one problem… there are Zombies afoot!!
However the event will turn out, and even if there will be no survivors to tell the tale, it will be recorded for the future by all the cartoonist who ends up taking part in the occasion!

We hope you will take well to this invitation and send your characters to a great event that will means lot of fun and partying for them, you and the readers!

- Great Notimporton Chamber of Commerce

Those who answered...
Blade of Toshubi by Toshubi
Dawn of a New Era 2 by Videowizard2007
Drunken Scribblings by Rik "Tinkerbell" Davnall
Grin-N-Spirit by Jim Dyar
Insanity of Xade by Xade
The KAMics by Keith Allan Morgan
Life & Death by Jonathan "Joff" Oliver
Magical Misfits by Ron
Meiosis by R(ed)
P.S.I. by Fesworks
Public Humiliation by Riley McCool
Salt the Holly by Amanda

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