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Previous Halloween Capers:
Halloween Cameo Caper 2006 - "The Wild Wild West of Shelterville"
Halloween Cameo Caper 2007 - "Going into orbit around Dahk-Tuin"

01. William from Dawn of a New Era 2
02. Jack from Public Humiliation
03. Baby Fiveclaw from Public Humiliation
04. Ernst from P.S.I.
05. Toshubi from Blade of Toshibi
06. Gome from Public Humiliation
07. Whispersong from Magical Misfits
08. Skulldugger from Magical Misfits
09. Summer from Public Humiliation
10. Bolt from The KAMics
11. Blaze from The KAMics
12. Warmwind from Public Humiliation
13. Lan from Public Humiliation
14. Nefertina Von Waffle from Grin-N-Spirit
15. Rufus Von Waffle from Grin-N-Spirit
16. Brian from Drunken Scribblings
17. Narcan from Magical Misfits
18. Steve from Life & Death
19. Bobby from Life & Death
20. Stefan from Dawn of a New Era 2
21. Queen Karen from Dawn of a New Era 2
22. Catherine from Meiosis
23. Lia from Salt the Holly
24. Daisy from Salt the Holly
25. Levon Von Waffle from Grin-N-Spirit
26. Fes from P.S.I.
    27. Chill from Magical Misfits
    28. Baby from Magical Misfits
    29. Nemi from P.S.I.
    30. Gertrude from The KAMics
    31. Brunhilda from The KAMics
    32. Sally from Life & Death
    33. Tink from Drunken Scribblings
    34. Lana from Insanity of Xade
    35. Alexis from Magical Misfits
    36. Lil' Alfred from Magical Misfits
    37. Wander from Magical Misfits
    38. Ben from Meiosis
    39. Troy Grimmel from Grin-N-Spirit

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